Wednesday, 27 February 2008

London 1960s.


Ernst Haeckel.

'Artforms from Nature' by a German naturalist and artist - more on him here -

J.J. Grandville: French Caricaturist & Cartoonist 1803-47.

Ghost Towns of Ontario.
'Visiting and documenting forgotten places'.

In Pictures: A Mongolian Nomad Family.

Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts from Western Europe.

'More than 2,000 manuscript pages and associated illuminations dating from the 9th through the 16th centuries give vivid testimony to the creative impulses of the often nameless craftsmen who continually discovered new ways of animating the contents of hand-produced books. '

Handbook of the Indians of California.

'Originally published in 1925, this monograph is a representative work of Alfred L. Kroeber’s (1876-1960) contributions to American Indian ethnology. It also illustrates why Kroeber, a noted American anthropologist and founder of the anthropology department at the University of California at Berkeley, is considered to be the father of California Indian studies. Kroeber’s handbook provides a comprehensive look at the Indians of California and offers a foundation for the ethnographical study of California’s Native American cultures.'

Christmas in Brixton.

Photos of City Island, Bronx, NYC.

A Manx Note Book.

'An Electronic Compendium of Matters Past and Present Connected with the Isle of Man'.

Astro Pics.

A Mysterious Acid Haze on Venus.

The Universe Nearby.

Trifid Pillars and Jets.

Cueva de las Manos.

'Cueva de las Manos (Spanish for Cave of the Hands) is a cave located in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, 163 km (101 mi) south from the town of Perito Moreno, within the borders of the Francisco P. Moreno National Park, which includes many sites of archaeological and paleontogical importance...'

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hearts on Flickr.

Women's Suffrage Photo Collection.

Early Postcards of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

The Chinese in California 1850-1925.

'The Chinese in California, 1850-1925 illustrates nineteenth and early twentieth century Chinese immigration to California through about 8,000 images and pages of primary source materials. '

New York World's Fair 1964/65.

'...We called those years "The Space Age." It was a time when we were in the middle of a Space Race with the Russians to see who could put the first man on the moon and we were fighting a Cold War with the evils of Communism. While technological advances were exploding all around us, our world was turning topsy-turvy with an increasingly unpopular war in Southeast Asia, political assassinations and civil unrest at home. Over it all hung the threat that we'd be blown to smithereens in a nuclear holocaust if someone accidentally pushed the button and the Cold War suddenly got very hot! Is it any wonder that we imagined a future of limitless promise?...'

NYC Subway Art Guide.

'World's Highest Standard of Living'.

'Bread Line during the Louisville flood, Kentucky, 1937'.

Close to Home.

'This exhibition is devoted to American family photographs that were separated from their owners and then rediscovered by artists, writers, collectors, and museum curators. Removed from their original context, these snapshots become open to many different interpretations: Who are the people in the photographs? What did these photos mean to them? Where are they now?'

1797 Map of Great Yarmouth.

Silent Film Actress Norma Talmadge.

'Norma Talmadge was one of the greatest stars of the silent era. She began her film work as a teenager in 1910 at the Vitagraph Studios in Flatbush, just a streetcar ride from her home. In 1916 she met and married exhibitor Joseph M. Schenck, and together they formed the Norma Talmadge Film Corporation, one of the most lucrative partnerships in film history. Talmadge became one of the top box office attractions for the rest of the silent era, evolving from a spunky teenager into one of the finest dramatic actresses of the screen. One of the wealthiest women in Hollywood, she retired after her two talkies proved disappointing at the box office. She died on Christmas Eve, 1957.'

Astro Pics.

Earth at Twilight.

Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1132.

Saturn's Moon Epimetheus from Cassini.

The Belgian-American Collection.

'One of the country's largest concentrations of Walloon-speaking Belgians is found in northeastern Wisconsin, resulting in a unique cultural and social flavor. The largest wave of Belgian immigration to Wisconsin occurred in the mid-1850s. While the 1850 U.S. Census lists only 45 persons of Belgian nativity in the state, by 1860 the number had increased to 4,647. The 1890 U.S. census also shows that 81% of Belgians in the state lived in the northeastern counties of Brown, Kewaunee, and Door. The Belgian immigration into northeastern Wisconsin came to an abrupt halt in about 1858, when word reached the homeland of the physical and economic hardships and the cholera epidemic sweeping the settlement...'

The Mormons.

'A four-hour exploration into the richness, the complexities and the controversies of the Mormons' story as told through interviews with members of the church, leading writers and historians, and supporters and critics of the Mormon faith.'

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Buses in the Philippines.

Photos of Bookstores.

Middle Earth: Maps of Renaissance Europe.

The 'Polar Bear Expedition' Digital Collection.

'The American military intervention at Archangel, Russia, at the end of World War I, nicknamed the "Polar Bear Expedition," is a strange episode in American history. Ostensibly sent to Russia to prevent a German advance and to help reopen the Eastern Front, American soldiers found themselves fighting Bolshevik revolutionaries for months after the Armistice ended fighting in France...'

Generic Names for Soft Drinks by US County.

'Pop' is popular in a belt across the north as far east as Pennsylvania, 'coke' in Dixie, and 'soda' in California, Arizona, New York, New England, as well as around St. Louis and Miami.

Grand Central Station Through the Years.

'From steam engine depot to the grand Beaux Arts monument that opened in 1913 and stands today, explore this gallery of photographs of Grand Central. It features several images from the mid-twentieth century taken by Boris Y. Klapwald.'

Photos of the Woolworth Building, Downtown Manhattan.

'Rising from a 27-storey base, with limestone and granite lower floors, the tower is clad in white terra-cotta and capped with an elaborate set-back Gothic top, with the spire rising to the height of 241.5 m. It was to be the tallest building in the world for 17 years, until the completion of the 40 Wall Street.'

Seattle Ephemera Collection.

'The Pamphlet and Textual Ephemera Collection is a database of documents, pamphlets, booklets, flyers, and other original material housed in the UW Libraries Special Collections Division that has been reformatted for digital display. Most of the materials are drawn from the Pacific Northwest Collection of pamphlets, books, and theater programs, and various other textual ephemeral collections. The subjects cover tourism in Washington State, architecture and urban development in Seattle, theater and amusements, and the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. '

Saraswati's Son.

The Jain art of Padmaputra Ashok Shah.

'These pictures indicate the tremendous influence Jains and Hindus have had on each other. Major Indian festivals like Diwali, the emphasis on vegetarian food, kindness towards all life, encouragement and acceptance of diverse, opposing opinions, emphasis on logic and reason even in spiritual matters are major, well-established pillars of Jainism. '

Astro Pics.

Mountains of Creation.

A Spider-Shaped Crater on Mercury.

A Sunspot in the New Solar Cycle.

I Ate This.

Photos of food.

William Makepeace Thackeray's 'Chronicle of the Drum' - Illustrated.