Monday, 27 April 2009

Cassini's Continued Mission.

Pictures of Saturn and its moons.

Travel Graphics from the 1920s and 1930s.

'This is a virtual online gallery I've created to display and share the best items in my collection of 1920s and 1930s travel-related ephemera.'

'... My basic passion is paper items such as travel brochures, airline time-tables, ocean liner time-tables, auto road maps, luggage labels, advertising, and graphic design publications from the 1920s and 1930s, primarily in Europe but also Asia and, to a small degree, the U.S.A.'

Vintage US Postcards, by State.

'We SPECIALIZE in old historic postcard views from throughout the United States and pay special attention to downtown views of the local businesses complete with an emphasis on railroad depots, streetcars, movie theaters, opera houses, hotels, restaurants, churches, the city park, library and cemetery, bridges, fire department facilities, gas stations, hospitals, orphanages, civil war monuments, post office, schools and roadside views. '

Thaipusam in Singapore.

'Thaipusam is a Hindu festival. After fasting and praying devotees make a pilgrimage of about 3 kms along a set route from one temple to another. Some carry pots of milk while others carry kavadis, large stainless steel structures, that are often held in place with skewers into their bodies. Some also have skewers through their cheeks and tongues.'

We Live in East Germany.

Cold War propaganda booklet.

Reflections in Waterdrops.

Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent.

'is collection contains more than 3000 slides, 500 photographs, 50 hours of sounds from forty-five different countries, as well as a large number of difficult to find texts that librarians, scholars, and other subject specialists have deemed important to these fields of study. '

Durer's Tarot.

'a Tarot deck by Giacinto Gaudenzi, inspired by German engraver Albrecht Dürer'.

Cardiff at Night.

Pictures of bad behaviour.

'St Mary street in Cardiff - a street with many big clubs, bars and pubs. This set shows scenes seen by me on weekend nights in this area.'

Songs of the Yukaghir.

'The poetry of the Yukaghir, a poor hunting tribe in eastern Siberia, consists of improvisations or verses handed down from narrator to narrator or from singer to singer through generations. Verses handed down in this way can be expected to vary from person to person. As can be seen, verses from these people deal with familiar themes in human life: experience of aging, expression of love, appeals to a harsh environment for relief, and celebration of a birth.'

Images from the History of Medicine.

Vintage Clothing Labels.

Folk Tales from the Russian (1903).

By Verra Xenophontovna Kalamatiano de Blumenthal - what a delightful name!

The Devils of Loudun.

'This is an account of the possesion of the nuns of Loudun. In 1634 the Ursuline nuns of Loudon were allegedly possessed by demons. This is one of the largest cases of mass possession in history. Father Urbain Grandier, a local priest, was interrogated under torture, convicted of being responsible for the possessions (as well as sorcery), and subsequently burned at the stake. This is a 19th century translation of the primary account of the episode, originally written in French by Des Niau in 1634.'

From the Dungeon to the Dictionary.

Magocracy, libram, and other excellent words.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'I have reached the end of the Internet. Well, my Internet, anyway. Please recommend some sites that will refresh my surfing experience.'

'How to be charming.'

'What are the cleverest, wittiest picture books you know? '

Friday, 17 April 2009

"Chance is always powerful. - Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish" - Ovid.

Vintage Photos of Pretty Girls.

Lost New York City.

'Photos of the vestiges of Old New York as they are steamrolled under or threatened by the currently ruthless real estate market and the City Fathers' disregard for Gotham's historical and cultural fabric.'

Northvegr: A Norse Heathen Site.

'The Northvegr Foundation strives to bring knowledge and understanding of Northern European pre-Christian history, culture and spiritual values (i.e. world-view and ethic) which is in evidence in many primary sources and well documented in many secondary sources, and can be gleaned through research. We believe strongly in promoting scholarship based upon critical thought.'

Norse sagas, folklore, runes and so on.

Depression-Era Photographs by Dorothea Lange.

3600 VHS Video Covers.

Himalayan Art in the Rubin Museum.

The Rubin Museum in NYC has a wonderful collection of Tibetan Buddhist and Nepalese art. It's all here.

Indigenous and Tribal People.

'Colorful people with uniqe culture'.

Southdale Mall, Minnesota, 1956.

High School Mythical, 1910.

South African Voices.

"Beginning in the late 1960s and continuing into the 1970s, I made a number of research trips to southern Africa, hoping to gather a representative collection of oral tales, histories, and poems from among the Nguni peoples: the Xhosa and Zulu in South Africa, the Swati in Swaziland, and the Ndebele in the southern part of Zimbabwe. I encountered a wealth of oral traditions, met hundreds of storytellers, mythmakers, poets, and historians, and was allowed by these enormously talented raconteurs and poets to tape many of these works. In the end, I had taped and filmed over 9,000 pieces of oral tradition."

Hazrat Babajan, Baloch Saint.

'Hazrat Babajan (c. 1806 - September 18 1931) was a Baloch Muslim saint considered by her followers to be a sadguru or qutub. Born in northern India in Balochistan (now Pakistan), she lived the final 25 years of her life in Pune, India.'

Classics of Soviet Art.

The Beginner's Guide to Tree Hugging.

Medieval Map Myths.

A Day in the Park.

Astro Pics.

Jagged Shadows May Indicate Saturn Ring Particles.

Medieval Astronomy from Melk Abbey.

Lenticular Clouds above Washington.

Wenceslaus Hollar.

17th century etchings.

'Hollar was born in 1607, the son of an upper middle-class civic official. Very little is known about his early life, but he evidently learned the rudiments of his craft by age eighteen, left his native Prague at age twenty, and likely studied in Frankfurt under Matthaus Merian. His first book of etchings was published in 1635 in Cologne when Hollar was twenty-eight. The following year he came to the attention of the renowned art collector the Earl of Arundel who was making an official visit to the continent, and Hollar subsequently became a part of his household, settling in England early in 1637.'

Canadian Pamphlets and Broadsides.

'This site provides access to the pre-1930 Canadian pamphlet and broadside holdings of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library by supplying both page images in full colour, and full searchability of the contents of each item. To date the site consists of 597 broadsides (single sheets, printed on one or both sides) and 2062 pamphlet titles which amounts to 71508 page images. Additional titles will be added on a regular basis. The collection includes items printed in Canada, by Canadian authors, or about Canadian subjects, mainly of a non-literary nature.'

Vintage Art Deco Travel Posters.

Excelsior 1968.

'Excelsior 1968 is a high school yearbook for the fictional Bristol County Secondary School in the fictional Staedtler, Ontario.'

'Each student here is redrawn (and renamed) from my mother's actual 1968 high school yearbook.'

The 1964-65 NY World's Fair Remembered.

Monday, 13 April 2009

USSR Posters.

'Russian and/or Soviet propaganda & advert posters [1917-1991]'.

Papunya Tula: Australian Aboriginal Artists of the Western Desert.

'Papunya Tula Artists is entirely owned and directed by traditional Aboriginal people from the Western Desert. The aim of the company is to promote individual artists, to provide economic development for the communities to which they belong, and assist in the maintenance of a rich cultural heritage.'

Synesthesia in Art.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition where the senses are combined, i.e. 'seeing' music, 'hearing' paintings, 'smelling' numbers.

The synesthetic experience is described here :

There is a synesthetic alphabet here :

The artist Wassily Kandinsky in particular may have experienced this condition, certainly it was an area of interest for him.

More :

(Check out 'Composition VIII', 'Contrasting Sounds'.)

Also, the art of Mark Rothko :

An essay on art and synesthesia :

The Norse Discovery of America.

'This is a collection of texts relating to the voyages of the Norse west to America. A thousand years ago, nearly half a millennium before Columbus, the Norse extended their explorations from Iceland and Greenland to the shores of Northeastern North America, and, possibly, beyond'.

Photos of Suginami Ward, Tokyo.

Neon Sign Boneyard, Las Vegas.

Giant Stuff on the American Roadside.

Photographs of Wales and the English Border During the Second World War.

'Toad in the Hole' Recipe from 1936.

Delaware Postcard Collection.

'The University of Delaware Library Postcard Collection comprises over two thousand postcards of Delaware and nearby areas. The postcards in the collection date mainly from the very end of the nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth, although there are also postcards from throughout the later part of the twentieth century. Most of the cards in the collection were commercially produced and represent well-known Delaware buildings, monuments, and views, such as the State Capitol in Dover, Wilmington’s downtown buildings and historic structures, and Rehoboth’s beaches and boardwalks.'

Rock Posters.

A Tenniel Gallery: Illustrations for 'Alice in Wonderland'.

300 Tang Poems.

Cartoonist Ronald Searle's Website.

He of St. Trinian's and Molesworth.

An Album of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

'This is the place to post pictures of houses in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We are shooting for big old houses such as those that line East Main Street just a few blocks from the square. '

Querying the Hive Mind.

'Help me do something sweet for a friend.'

'I need some secular resources for learning to forgive, and how to relate if you have a broken relationship model. I have got to stop wanting an apology from someone who is never going to apologize to me. '

Recommendations for good cult movies.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Cynthia Korzekwa: Los Ojos.

An artist's studio.

Tesla Coil.

A friend of a friend has this in their back porch.

The Hammered Dulcimer.

An ancient stringed instrument.

More :

Smithsonian article :

"...everyman that shall hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, shall fall down and worship...." - Daniel 3:10.

My Pal Norlina's Photos of Malaysia.

Super-saturated colours.

Free Verse.

'All photos posted to the Free Verse project must include lines from a favorite poem written off the page in an unexpected or ephemeral way. Please include the author's name and poem title in the photo caption. '

Queen Anne's Revenge: Investigating, Interpreting and Preserving the Remains of Blackbeard's Flagship.


'In November 1717, English pirates captured the French slave-ship La Concorde near the island of Martinique. Led by the notorious Blackbeard, the pirates converted La Concorde into their flagship and renamed the vessel Queen Anne's Revenge. After spending the winter searching for prizes in the Caribbean the pirate fleet consisting of Queen Anne's Revenge and three smaller sloops, blockaded the port of Charleston in May 1718. Continuing up the coast, Blackbeard lost his flagship while attempting to enter Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina and five months later he was killed in a bloody battle at Ocracoke...'

Alphonse Mucha.

'As a struggling and relatively unknown artist of Czech origin living in Paris, Mucha achieved immediate fame when, in December 1894, he accepted a commission to create a poster for one of the greatest actresses of this time, Sarah Bernhardt. Though the printer was apprehensive about submitting Mucha´s final design because of its new unconventional style, Bernhardt loved it and so did the public. '

The Mucha Window, St. Vitus' Cathedral, Prague :

The Nouvelle Vague: 50 Years On.

Nice collection of French New Wave posters.

Seattle World's Fair 1962 Photos.

'See you in Seattle
See you at the fair
Take a way ahead look at tomorrow
Just as if you were there
Take a rocket trip to Mars
Have your dinner way up in the clouds
Stroll the boulevards of the world
Have fun with the happy-go-lucky crowds
See you in Seattle
At the big World's Fair'

Nicaraguan Primitivista Art.

'Indigo Arts features paintings by self-taught artists from the Sutiava Primitivista painting workshop, in Léon, Nicaragua. This exhibition includes new work by noted artists Alejandro Benito Cabrera, Victor Santiago Crespin, José Ignacio Fletes Cruz and Rosa Delia Lopez Garcia.'

Japanese Postcards Archival Replica Prints.

'Japanese artists traveling to Europe to study oil painting at the beginning of the twentieth century became enthralled by the postcard, which was then enjoying a veritable boom. Immediately they sent cards to their friends and began to create their own compositions--many of which were influenced by contemporary European styles, particularly Art Nouveau.'

Eccentric Houses.

'Odd architecture and eccentric houses of all sorts. Everything from weird architect-designed houses to obsessive home-built outsider art is welcome here, with a preference for the truly uncommon and unusual.'

Hometown India: The Village of Bellave.

'Bellave is a little village, about 8kms. from Tumkur city in Karnataka. The name is believed to have been derived from Kannada words Bili + Ave / Ame (White Tortoise). Lord Someshwara temple is a very nice little temple on the outskirts of this village; the premise oozes with tranquility.'

The 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica.

'The LoveToKnow Free Online Encyclopedia is based on what many consider to be the best encyclopedia ever written: the eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, first published in 1911. At a time when many encyclopedias have capsulated and condensed important knowledge, the 11th edition is generally much more in-depth and thorough on its topics. '

The Obscure Store.

Weird and wonderful news.

Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'Wanted: YOUR easy and delicious meal recipes!!'

'Obscure New England? I've seen the best, what about the rest? What quirky, "second tier," and out of the way places have I missed?'

'How to I get better at connecting with people on an emotional level? I have lots of friends - but on a superficial level. How do break through?'

'What are some video games where unique gameplay complements a great story?'

'What's the difference between Michael and Vito in the Godfather trilogy?'

'What are some fun hobbies for a crafty, nerdy couple to pick up?'

'How can I focus when severely depressed?'

An Introduction to Vodou.

' 'Voodoo curses', pin-sticking dolls, flesh-eating zombies and devil worship... if any religion has been deliberately maligned, it's Vodou. In fact, the anti-Vodou propaganda machine has been so effective that many people don't even know that Vodou is a religion and not simply a system of harmful magic. This entry provides some very basic information about the sophisticated religious tradition that became an integral part of the African diaspora. '

The Art of Constant Niewenhuis 1920-2005.

Burgkmair Tournament Book.

'As best I can make out this paper manuscript, featuring exquisite hand-painted illustrations, is a copy after (unpublished) designs by the great Renaissance woodblock artist and painter, Hans Burgkmair the Elder, from around 1511-1520.'

'Burgkmair, along with Albrecht Dürer and Albrecht Altdorfer, prepared a large number of book illustration woodcuts, intended for a propaganda tribute book ('The Truimphs'), dedicated to Maximilian I. The Emperor died in 1519 and 'The Triumphs of Maximilian' wasn't published until 1526.'

'Drinking Alone' by Li Po.

More poetry by Li Po:

The Buddha's Way of Virtue (1920).

'This is a translation of the Dhammapada, one of the central sacred texts of Buddhism. This primary document embodies key concepts of Buddhism expressed in simple parables and metaphors.'

RIP Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons.