Friday, 23 November 2007

Straw Bale House.

Chinese Propaganda Posters.

The American Roadside.

'The American Roadside in all is splendor...and decadence, from classic diners to decrepit signs and urban landscapes, from beautifully perserved movie threatre marquees to struggling cafes.'

Diner City.

'Your online guide to Classic Diners and the American Roadside'.

Vintage Christmas Recipes.

Ethiopian Manuscripts.

"Christianity took root slowly in Ethiopia from the third decade of the 4th century. Some 150 years later, missionaries from Syria translated the Bible into Ethiopic. The Islamic conquest of neighbouring Egypt in 640-641 isolated Ethiopia from other Christian countries for the best part of a millennium. The Ethiopic Church was able to maintain only tenuous links with the rest of Christianity through the Coptic Church in Egypt, which managed to survive under its country’s Islamic rulers..."

Religious Hats of the Himalayas.

A History of the Pregnancy Test Kit.

Gallery of Medical Instruments.

Pulp Gallery.

The Pulp Gallery is a visual reference guide to the wonderful cover art of pulp and pin-up magazines. Primarily the Gallery focuses on pulp cover art from the 1920's through the 1950's and includes some magazines from beyond those date ranges. On display are thousands of magazines covers for those seeking collecting, reference or pure entertainment value. I hope you enjoy! '

British Museum Prints.

'One of the most significant cultural collections of 2-dimensional art (prints, drawings and paintings) in the world made its relatively silent debut online recently. The British Museum has spent more than 15 years gearing up for this moment...'

Ballet Sketches.

'Joseph Paget-Fredericks (1905-1963) inherited his parents love for collecting theatre memorabilia and studied art at the University of California and in Europe. His family had close ties to the elite ballet companies and he was appointed Artistic Director for Anna Pavlova's world tours in the early 1930s...'

Weekly Puzzle.

1/ Make 33 out of 1,2,6 and 7.

2/ Make 34 out of 1,2,6 and 7.

Soviet Matchboxes.

Depicting the Soviet space programme.

Tokyo Street Style.

Street fashion.

Vintage Memorabilia.

'Here you will find vintage advertising items, displays, and packaging!'

Woman's Mysteries of a Primitive People.

'This is an ethnography of the Iboibo, a Nigerian tribe. Written by a pioneering English woman in the early 20th Century, this book focuses on the ritual life of women. Despite the naïve colonialist attitude, it presents a female perspective which was seldom seen in the ethnographic literature of the period. '

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