Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Mount Moosilauke.

Folklore and stories around a mountain in New Hampshire.

The G.I. Jones Photographic Archive of S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture.

'The photographs in this archive were taken in the 1930s by the late G. I. Jones. The photos included here are only a sample of the complete collection. '

'The photographs are unique for the creative brilliance of the art represented, the quality of the photography, and the cultural and historical significance of photographic records from this time period in Nigeria.'

American Railroad Maps 1828-1900.

'The Railroad maps represent an important historical record, illustrating the growth of travel and settlement as well as the development of industry and agriculture in the United States. They depict the development of cartographic style and technique, highlighting the achievement of early railroaders. Included in the collection are progress report surveys for individual lines, official government surveys, promotional maps, maps showing land grants and rights-of-way, and route guides published by commercial firms. '

Madubhani Painting.

'Hindu women who live in villages near the market town of Madhubani in northern India maintain old traditions and teach them to their daughters. Painting is one of the traditional skills that is passed down from generation to generation in the families of some of the women. They paint figures from nature and myth on household and village walls to mark the seasonal festivals of the religious year, for special events of the life-cycle, and when marriages are being arranged they prepare intricately designed wedding proposals...'

Gods of Japan.

A photo-dictionary.

Hotel El Rancho Las Vegas: The Strip's First Resort.

'Welcome to the El Rancho Vegas Online Exhibit. The El Rancho Vegas was the first casino resort built on what would become the Las Vegas Strip. It opened on April 3, 1941 and closed after a catastrophic fire on June 17, 1960.'

Afghanistan 1969-1974.


Rembrandt's Journey: Painter, Draftsman, Etcher.

Pioneers of Soviet Computing.

An almost-lost history.

Payphones of the World.

World War 1 Propaganda Posters.

Mongolian Stories.

Ethiopian Icons.

Political Cartoons from US Elections 1860-1912.

British Election Cartoons 1959-1997.


The history, folklore and traditions of the Orkney Islands - ghost stories, megaliths, and more on this extensive site.

Digital Sheet Music Collection 1890-1922.

'The University of Colorado at Boulder Music Library has a large sheet music collection with approximately 150,000 items including examples from the late 18th through the 20th centuries. This web site provides access to digital versions of some of the categories of sheet music within our physical collections, a new avenue to this interesting genre. The sheet music digitized and presented here was originally published between 1890 and 1922...'

A Visual Journey: Photographs by Lisa Law 1965-71.

Photographic archive of American radicalism.

'Lisa Law's photographs provide glimpses into the folk and rock music scenes, California's blossoming counterculture, and the family-centered and spiritual world of commune life in New Mexico. They are moments that she lived, witnessed, and recorded on the frontier of cultural change...'

Cambodia Tales.

'Click on the links below and you'll find comprehensive travelogues from my many trips to Cambodia. My first visit to this beautiful country took place in 1994 and I've returned every year since. Click on each link to read the travelogue and view my photos, though many photos have still to be posted...'

Mary Pickford.

'Late in her life, the actor Mary Pickford described a recurring nightmare in which she walked out on stage to perform, only to find there was no one in the audience to watch her...'

'For nearly two decades Pickford skillfully navigated her way through the industry. But by the end of her life, her nightmare became her reality. She discovered that fame was fleeting, the crowds fickle. This powerful and moving American Experience production uses archival footage, stills, original audio interviews with Pickford and clips from her movies to tell a story that is full of joy and power, of loneliness and despair.'

Witness to a Sky Burial - The Sacred Solemn Funeral Rite of Tibet.

Raleigh, North Carolina: A Capital City.

'In 1792, a thousand acres were purchased from Joel Lane on which to establish a permanent capital city, centrally located in the middle of the state, accessible to all North Carolinians...'

Nice history site, with interactive maps and an interesting section on African American history.

Stamps of Greenland.

Stamps of Tibet.

Royal Barges of Thailand.

Weekly Puzzle.

One day a girl celebrated her birthday. Two days later, her older twin brother celebrated his. How is this possible?

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