Monday, 21 April 2008

Patricia van Lubeck's Painted Cars.

Photos of Frinton Park Estate, Essex.

Photographs of Japanese Floodgates.

Classic Tales and Fables.

'What Can You Do With These Tales?

1. Read them to yourself, for fun.

2. Read them to your kids or students. They'll have fun, and their cultural literacy will grow. They'll become familiar with our literary history. They'll understand common allusions that come from classic tales

3. Learn them so you can tell them.

4. Adapt them into your own stories. Change any or all of the characters, the setting, the antagonists, the conflict, and make the story your own. Tell your new story, or try to get it published.'

Two Hundred Years of Children's Books.

'Obedient miniature adult, mischievous free spirit, or mini-consumer--the image of the child in society has changed many times over the past three hundred years. The books given to children are meant to mold or train the young mind to the values of their elders. For this reason, children's literature is often more reflective of the adult society than of the intended readers...'


Photographs of Cuban artists, musicians, and ordinary people.

Celebration of Vintage and Retro Design.

'Below you’ll find the celebration of retro and vintage design — ads, illustrations, book covers, pins and posters from 1920-1980s. The images weren’t necessarily created in the mid of 20th century. Vintage is living today which is why this post also features artists and designers who make use of the vintage and retro style in their works.'

Computer Science Unplugged.

The basics of computer science, without needing a computer.

The Hissing of Summer Lawns.

Photos of summer.

Spec-ology of the Circus.

'The word "Spec-ology" was coined by A. Morton Smith as the title of an article published in the July 31, 1943 Billboard. '

'The Spectacle as a pantomime, pageant, tournament or grand entry is as old as the circus in America. Next to circus parades, which are as extinct as the proverbial dodo, the grand entry or spectacle presented at the beginning of or during a circus performance is the most glamorous, eye-filling and impressive feature of the program...'

Querying the Hive Mind.

'I'm looking for jokes that sound like they are going to be very involved at the start but end up being very short.'

'I want to give my friends the time of their lives. Give me some ideas for spur of the moment things to do.'

'What are some ways to tell the direction [North, East, South, West] you are headed? And more generally, what are some cool nature tricks you've learned through the years?'

'I'm trying to put together a list of the happiest sounding songs with the saddest lyrics... can you help?'

'How do people become stupid? '

US Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection.

(Pomology = the study of fruit).

'The exhibit presented here consists of approximately 175 images of fruit watercolors. All of the fruit varieties featured in the exhibit were introduced and described in the Report of the Pomologist between 1886 and 1900. The actual watercolors of the varieties may not have been completed until sometime after the report publication. '

Religious Practices of the Diegueno Indians (1910).

'Of note is what appears, in hindsight, to be an early description of the UFO activity that continues over southern California to this day (p. 342). Waterman, with nothing to compare it to, decided that the being called Tcaup was actually ball-lightning. However, here is his description of the native accounts: "The being described in the myths is widely thought to be accompanied by thunderings, to have a 'bright' or 'beaming' appearance, and to fly about close to the surface of the ground." '

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