Saturday, 14 June 2008

Querying the Hive Mind.

'What rituals do you have in your profession or job?'
(There's an interesting Deutsche Bank anecdote in the answers here).

'Why do some people wear shoes in the house?'

All you need to know to start a veggie garden.

How to go about being a phone sex operator.

Moldavia: sequestration of personal computers of 12 young people for posting critical comments online.

Brazil: The black president before Obama.

'The sweeping Obama phenomenon has caught Brazil, and it comes as no surprise in the country with the world's largest population of African descendants. Blogs are commenting on all things Obama, from his stand on ethanol to the ‘rumors‘ of his appraisal of Brazil's free software policies. An especially notable thread is the one reporting on the resurgence of a weirdly interesting 1928 Brazilian sci-fi novel — ‘The Black President' — that predicted a US election matching a black, a feminist, and a conservative candidate in the then remote year of 2228...'

China: A glimpse at Olympic garden sculptures.

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