Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Subprime Mortgage Primer.

Top Ten Financial Crises and Their Lessons.

Black Swans.

'I can see Russia from my house! ... ' The New Yorker on Sarah Palin.

The Sisyphus String.

Suppose we start with any natural number, regarded as a string, such as 8,798,524.
Count the number of number of even digits, the number of odd digits, and the total number of digits.
These are 4 (four evens), 3 (three odds), 7 (total number of digits).
Use these digits to form the next string or number, 437.
Now repeat with 427, counting evens, odds, total, to get 123.
If we repeat with 123, we get 123 again.
All natural numbers are drawn to 123 by this process, never to escape.

Sisyphus :-

The Walrus and the Carpenter.

Could have been written about The Present Situation.

The Real Great Depression.

Not 1929, but 1873.

BBC nuclear bomb script released.

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