Wednesday, 18 February 2009

'The Recently Deflowered Girl' by Edward Gorey.

V. funny.

What Facebook Is For.

Pre-Inflationary German Currency.

'My wife's family lived in Germany unitil 1936, when they were lucky enough to leave. My wife's grandfather collected thousands of bills produced by the different towns and companies to make front to deflation first and inflation later and provide certain stability to workers and residents.
Each town hired artists and craftsmen to design this money, which reflects the aesthetic and concerns of the time and place. '

Pulp Paperback Covers.

Cockpits from US Military Aircraft.

Rubens: The Complete Works.

He liked big ... and I do not lie.

Festivals in Kyoto.

Dada Love Poem.

Virginia Emigrants to Liberia.

'Between 1820 and 1865 more than 3700 African Americans from Virginia emigrated to Liberia. Some went eagerly, others left reluctantly in exchange for their freedom. In 1847, they helped establish the first African republic. Their stories illustrate meanings of race, citizenship, and nationhood in the early American republic that still resonate today.'

New Jersey Historical Maps.

The Erie Railroad Glass Plate Negative Collection.

'The Erie Railroad Company glass plate negatives are arranged by Erie subsidiary railroads in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Mainline scenes come from all of the preceding states, as well as from Indiana and Illinois. The image content of the glass plates varies, including individual stations, mile posts, lengths of track, new track construction, and social organizations (such as the East Buffalo Car Shop Basketball Team and shop bands). While, to date, the station images have attracted the most researcher interest, the images also provide a valuable source of information for documenting the early 20th century landscape, product advertising, railroad construction, and on-and-off-the-job Erie Railroad Company employee activities.'

Century 21 Exposition.

This drawing shows a preliminary design of an observation tower and restaurant for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair Exhibition. Set on the only section of the fair grounds that was not owned by the city, the site did not have the height restrictions of other exhibits/pavillions at the fair. The lot, 37-by-37 m, was purchased by private investors for $75,000 and is still privately owned. Although there is much contention surrounding who came up with the final design of the Space Needle, John Graham is widely acknowledged as its architect."

Castes of South India.

'This illustrated manuscript made in southern India in 1837 consists of 72 full-color hand-painted images of men and women of the various castes and religious and ethnic groups found in Madura, India at that time. Each drawing was made on mica, a transparent, flaky mineral which splits into thin, transparent sheets. As indicated on the presentation page, the album was compiled by the Indian writing master at an English school established by American missionaries in Madura, and given to the Reverend William Twining.'

Daily Climb.

An online journal in which the author climbs a tree every day.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'I want to improve my house cleaning skills... improve my speed, efficiency, thoroughness, etc. And use the best cleaning products for the task.'

'How do I motivate myself to do honest hard work at my job after a lifetime of cutting corners and slacking off?'

'I'd like to read some good books, preferably autobiographical, about managing a household in hard times.'

The Euro Invasion of France 2002.

'The euro has homogenised a variety of coinage that was as colourful as it was impractical. Euro notes are identical throughout the entire eurozone. The coins still carry a national imprint (2) on one side, though: member states of the European monetary system are allowed to apply national logos and symbols on the coins minted in (or for) their own country; the amounts of these nationally minted coins are obviously weighted: France will produce more French coins than Belgium produces Belgian ones, and Luxembourgish euro coins will be rarer still.'

19th Century Sea Bathing Cartoon.

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