Sunday, 28 June 2009

Carl Sagan on YouTube.

Includes episodes from the classic series 'Cosmos'.

Pale Blue Dot :

Casimir Zagourski: Photographer of the Congo.

'Casimir Zagourski (Kazimierz Zagorski) was born the 9th of August 1883 in Zytomiez (Zytomierz) Poland (Ukraine). His father was a Polish nobleman. As a young man, he took up a military career in the Czarist Air Force (Russia). He left military service as Lieutenant Colonel Zagourski. Circa 1924 found him struggling to make a living. He set sail for LĂ©opoldville - Belgium Congo, as an amateur photographer...'

Maps, Mapas, Cartes.

‘The following are a few maps of interest to us in the study of Magical Realism. In fact, these might be simply referred to as, indeed, "maps of interest." They are drawn from particular perspectives. The ways in which we consider visual truth when thinking about optical illusions might similarly be applied to ideas of geographic truth.’

Upside-down world map:

A swell map of Manhattan:

Dante’s Hell:

Iran in 1959.

‘I don't know whether I have stumbled upon something completely worthless or a treasure chest! Look at these. They are newly released stock footage of Iran from 1959. There is no audio, but the images and colors are crisp and the subjects are fascinating.’

Astro Pics.

Tiger Stripes on Saturn’s Enceladus.

Saturn: Moons in Transit.

Saharan Starry Night.


Photos of Deserted Icelandic Farms.

The Fascinating Axolotl.

Summertime Santa: 1956.

Balzac’s Paris: A Guided Tour.

‘A promenade through the monumental heart of Paris in the time of Balzac, as described through some of his works, and as documented in maps and engravings of
The Vernon Duke Collection
Special Collections Department
University of California Library ‘

Jataka Tales.

‘This is a retelling of stories from the Jataka, the treasury of tales of Buddha's previous animal reincarnations. Babbitt wrote this with young adults and children in mind, but the simple language and sprightly black and white illustrations add appeal for readers of all ages, Buddhist or not.’

Perfume for Time Travellers.

‘It's very difficult to find the perfect perfume: for some reason nearly all modern scents smell of custard. Fed by Birds readers are discerning: they want perfume to transport them somewhere stranger than the inside of a cake shop. Luckily we are here to suggest more exciting olfactory experiences.’

Comics: Jean-Claude Forest.

‘In 1962 George Gallet, editor of France's most popular line of science fiction paperbacks, Le Rayon Fantastique, asked the imprint's leading cover artist Jean-Claude Forest to create a new, "no holds barred", strip for the 'adult' V-magazine which Gallet also edited.’

‘The result was Barbarella (her likeness modeled on Brigitte Bardot), France's first female comic strip character since WW2 and the country's first space hero.’

Comics: Mod Love 1967.

‘She's the Hippest Girl in the World" from 'Mod Love', Written by Michael Lutin, artist unknown. Published by Western Publishing Company, inc. 1967.’

‘I was first made aware of this wonderful comic via Paul Gravett's amazing book 'The Leather Nun: And Other Incredibly Strange Comics' (UK title) aka 'Holy Sh*t!: The World's Weirdest Comic Books' (US title).’

Communist Posters of Nepal.

‘Maoist propaganda posters from around the Country of Nepal. The communist party posters have a distinctive visual style that shouts out their message of solidarity and revolution. It's almost like a brand identity.’

London Tube Photo Sets.

How to Hug a Tree.

Sunsets, Water, Sky, and Clouds.

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