Tuesday, 11 September 2007

French Drawings: The Essence of Line.
'Welcome to this database of nineteenth-centuryFrench drawings. From revealing preparatorysketches to exquisite finished watercolors,more than 900 works by artists such as EugéneDelacroix, Honoré Daumier, Paul Cézanne, andEdgar Degas illuminate the range of Frenchart over the course of a century of innovation.'

Aztec Codices.
'Mesoamerican manuscripts, or codices, describedwars, victories, famine, pestilence, religiousevents, and other elements of ancient Mesoamericanculture. The codices often consisted of one longextension or band of paper called amatl, producedfrom the bark of a type of fig tree. Glyphs, orpictorial representations, were used for the text. '

Formosa Streets.
Taiwanese street scenes.

36 Days' Journey in Nippon.

Post Office in Paradise: Missionary Stamps ofHawaii.
'Hawaii's first stamps are known as the MissionaryIssue. Four stamps of three values - 2¢, 5¢ and13¢ - comprise the issue, all printed locally byletterpress at the Government Printing Office.Missionaries are assigned Hawaii Nos. 1-4 by ScottCatalogue. The first three stamps in the issuewere announced for sale on October 1, 1851, atthe Honolulu and Lahaina post offices...'

The George Raper Collection.
Midshipman George Raper was a sailor on the First Fleetthat colonised Australia for the British. This exhibitis about notebooks he kept during the voyage.

1/ Anastasia, Brenda and Cornelia toss a fair coin 15, 16, and 17 times respectively. Which one isleast likely to have tossed more heads than tails?
2/ The same, except the coins are tossed 18, 19 and 20times?

Estonian Illustrators.
'The National Library of Estonia have a largecollection of book scans, prints and originalsketches by illustrators from the last ~70 years. '

Panoramic View of Milwaukee.
Photograph from between 1890 and 1900.

Chilean Gaucho.

Karen Padaung Girl Portrait.

Murerplan Zurich.
1576 city map of Zurich.

Jupiter Unpeeled.

The United Countries of Baseball.
'This map, indicating all teams in theNational and American sub-leagues of MajorLeague Baseball, translates some of the Americanobsession with baseball into a representation ofthe supposed ‘countries’ of baseball. As with manyother team sports, the fan base of baseball teamsis to a large extent regional. Unless you’re of acontrary nature, you support the local team -barring of course that you move, and continueto support your home team as a kind of sentimentallink with your place of origin...'

The Passenger Pigeon.
'The Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) orWild Pigeon was a species of pigeon that wasonce the most common bird in North America.It is estimated that there were as many as fivebillion passenger pigeons in the United Statesat the time Europeans colonized North America.They lived in enormous flocks, and during migration,one could see flocks of them a mile (1.6 km)wide and 300 miles (500 km) long, taking severaldays to pass and probably containing two billionbirds...'

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collection.
'Known mainly for its infamous collapse in 1940,the Tacoma Narrows Bridge continues to hold aplace in engineering and Pacific Northwest history.This collection contains images and text drawn fromthe University of Washington Special CollectionsDivision and the Museum of History and Industry.They document the creation of the Tacoma NarrowsBridge, its collapse and subsequent studies involvingits aerodynamics, and finally the construction of asecond bridge spanning the Narrows...'

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