Tuesday, 18 September 2007

London Transport Museum Poster Collection.

Tube and bus advertising.

Massive Collection of NYC Photos.

Taoism and the Arts of China.

India: The Path of Devotion.

'To understand the many fascinating aspects of Indian culture and life, one must understand the role of devotion in India. Devotion is perhaps the only thing that binds the people of India, superceding such barriers as languages, caste of birth, religious beliefs, and racial diversity. '

Stone Pages: Web Guide to Megalithic Europe.

'Over the last 14 years we have personally visited and photographed all 529 arch├Žological sites you will find in these pages (117 in the six national sections and 412 in our Tours section), creating the first Web guide to European megaliths and other prehistoric sites, online since February 1996'.

The Old North Trail (1910).
'Walter McClintock went to Montana with a US Forestry Service expedition in 1896. He spent the next four years living on the land with the Blackfeet, one of the most northern of the Great Plains tribes. He was adopted into the tribe by the Chief Mad Dog, and got a chance to learn their traditions firsthand. The book presents Blackfeet folklore and religious traditions in context. The narrative of his gradual adoption into Blackfeet society is a classic Western tale, but it is also a classic of 19th century ethnography.'

The Nine Nations of North America.

'Forget about the United States of America, forget about Canada and about Mexico. North America might be divided into these three states, but the northern half of the American continent is actually made up of nine nations. Those weren’t on any map until 1981, when Joel Garreau published ‘The Nine Nations of North America’...'

Advertising Trade Cards.

Vintage advertising.

Armenian Manuscript.

Medieval manuscript.

Paper Gods.

Weekly Puzzle.

MOSCOW=1100. LONDON = 550. TEL AVIV = 61. PARIS = 1. BERLIN = ?

Querying the Hive Mind.

'Help me stop meeting more acquaintances and start meeting more close friends'

'What is the single best thing you have done to help control your depression?'

'What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople?'

'Looking for books about or by female travelers/adventurers/volunteers abroad.'

Eye Candy.




Preppy Sarnie Hell.

Hindu Child.

Fruit Sellers, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

To Fly Free in Space.

Iapetus in Black and White.

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