Thursday, 13 December 2007

Astro Pics.

Spiral Galaxy IC342.

Arp 87: 'A Stunning Pair of Interacting Galaxies'.

Io and Europa Meet.

Vela Supernova Remnant.

Burma Uprising.

Northern Ireland Political Murals.

Roadside Alaska.

Vintage Cookbooks.

Cuba's History through Postal Stamps.

The Cubist Paintings of Diego Rivera.
'Diego MarĂ­a Rivera (1886-1957) is one of the most prominent Mexican artists of the twentieth century. He gained international acclaim as a leader of the Mexican mural movement that sought to bring art to the masses through large-scale works on public walls. In his murals of the 1920s and 1930s Rivera developed a new, modern imagery to express Mexican national identity, which featured stylized representations of the working classes and indigenous cultures and espoused revolutionary ideals...'

'How I Walked Every Block in Manhattan in 10 Weeks.'

'Realizing that I was overweight, and needed to get in shape after a year on the road travelling in foreign countries eating wonderful food and not exercising at all, I decided that this year in my annual November-December getting in shape period, that I would walk every block of every street in Manhattan again as quickly as possible...'

Bob Dylan Ticket Stubs and Concert Posters.


The Voice of Hibakusha.

Atom bomb survivors.

'These "Voice of Hibakusha" eyewitness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima are from the program HIROSHIMA WITNESS produced by the Hiroshima Peace Cultural Center and NHK, the public broadcasting company of Japan. '

Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum.

'The Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum (Honkawa Shogakkou Heiwa Shiryokan) is a museum of the Peace in Honkawacho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan. The school was the closest school to ground zero. They lost about 400 students and more than 10 teachers, and the building took great amounts of damage from the atomic bomb dropped on August 6, 1945...'

Miss America.

'Tracking the country's oldest beauty contest -- from its inception in 1921 as a local seaside pageant to its heyday as one of the country's most popular events -- Miss America paints a vivid picture of an institution that has come to reveal much about a changing nation. The pageant is about commercialism and sexual politics, about big business and small towns. But beyond the symbolism lies a human story -- at once moving, inspiring, infuriating, funny and poignant. Using intimate interviews with former contestants, behind-the-scenes footage, and photographs, the film reveals how the pageant became a battleground and a barometer for the changing position of women in society.'

List of Unusual Deaths.

Celestial Atlas by Alexander Jamieson.

(1822) 'A celestial atlas : comprising a systematic display of the heavens in a series of thirty maps : illustrated by scientific description of their contents and accompanied by catalogues of the stars and astronomical exercises / by Alexander Jamieson. '

Laxton Open Field Survey Map.

'A plat and description of the whole mannor & Lordship of Laxton with Laxton Moorehouse in ye county of Nottingham and also of the mannor & Lordship of Kneesall lying adiacent to ye aforesaid mannor of Laxton', by Mark Pierce, 1635.'

Christmas Texts.

Weekly Puzzle.

'You have three boxes of fruit. One contains just apples, one contains just oranges, and one contains a mixture of both. Each box is labeled -- one says "apples," one says "oranges," and one says "apples and oranges." However, it is known that none of the boxes are labeled correctly. How can you label the boxes correctly if you are only allowed to take and look at just one piece of fruit from just one of the boxes?'

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