Saturday, 22 December 2007

Child Slaves in Ghana.

'Over one thousand children are living as slaves on the banks of Ghana's Volta Lake, being used as free labour by local fishermen. '

'The victims, mostly boys aged between 5 and 14, are forced to work from dawn to dusk casting and drawing nets. They live separately in cramped thatched roofed huts, are poorly fed, suffer physical abuse and never get paid. Their diet consists mainly of cassava (manioc) with watery soup. They are never given fish. Because of their poor diet, harsh living and working conditions, many suffer from water-borne illnesses and experience stunted growth...'

Child fishing slave -

British Piers.

'There are currently 55 pleasure piers in existence around the UK coastline. Following are images of these piers.'

Lakehurst Mall of Waukegan, Illinois 1971-2004.

'Opened in 1971, Lakehurst was a sprawling, mixed-use complex which housed a 1.1 million square-foot enclosed shopping mall and numerous freestanding commercial, office, recreational, and residential structures. Lakehurst remained in operation for 30 years, until competition from nearby mega-mall Gurnee Mills and the departure of many of its anchor retailers led to the mall’s demise and eventual closure in 2001. The shuttered Lakehurst Mall spent three years in decaying limbo and was completely demolished in 2004.'

Walk Sydney Streets.

'Alan, 93, walks every street in 261 of the suburbs of Sydney, Australia - 910 unusual photos'.

Catron County Walk.

Chronicling walking the 400 miles of paved road in Catron County, New Mexico.

Geiko of Kyoto.

'A glimpse into the "Flower and Willow World" :The Geisha (and maiko) of Kyoto.'

Astro Pics.

The Magnificent Tail of Comet McNaught.

A Tale of Comet Holmes.

Alborz Mountains in Moonlight.

Eclipsing the Rings.

Summer of Love Photo Gallery.

'Historically the Sixties was one of the most colorful periods in American history. Photographers had a field day. This initial version of the Summer of Love Photographer's Gallery presents the work of several photographers who were either at the original Summer of Love Celebration in 1967 or who photographed the life and times of the amazing Sixties...'

PostMark Press: Vintage Magazine Images.

A Josephine Baker Photo Gallery.

Josephine Baker biography - 'Josephine Baker (or Joséphine Baker in francophone countries) (June 3, 1906 – April 12, 1975) was an American-born French expatriate entertainer and singer. She became a French citizen in 1937. Baker was most noted as a singer, while in her early career she was a celebrated dancer. She was given the nicknames the "Black Venus" or the "Black Pearl", as well as the "Créole Goddess" in anglophone nations, while in France she has always been known in the old theatrical tradition as "La Baker"...'

The Trotsky Archive.

'Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Leader, with V.I. Lenin, of the Russian Revolution. Architect of the Red Army. Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs 1917-1918 and Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs 1918-1924. In 1929, expelled from the Communist Party by the Stalinist faction of the Party and then deported from the USSR. In 1938 he helped found the Fourth International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution. In 1940, murdered by a Stalinist assassin at his home in exile, in Mexico...'

Photo album -

Weekly Puzzle.

A young woman in Manhattan has two boyfriends - one in the Bronx and one in Brooklyn - both of whom she likes equally well.
To visit the boyfriend in the Bronx she takes the subway from the uptown side of the platform; to visit the boyfriend in Brooklyn she takes the subway from the downtown side of the same platform.
As she likes them both equally well, she simply takes the first train that comes along. Brooklyn and Bronx trains run equally often from this platform - every ten minutes - and are equally reliable. Yet for some reason she finds herself visiting the boyfriend in Brooklyn nine times out of ten. Why?


'Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions'

Essex Church Photographs.

Paradise: The Gardens of Tokyo.

The Abundant Land: Inuit Sculpture.

Vintage Kitchen.


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