Monday, 31 March 2008

Amazing Old Album Covers.

'A few years ago, I ran across a handful of them in an antique store. They were all from around 1949 or so and contained 45 r.p.m. discs. A lot of the records were missing, but I had to buy them because they had the most amazing cover designs. I wonder who designed them?'

Finnish National Gallery: Art Collections.

33,000 artworks by more than 6,000 artists, grouped by themes (such as 'religion and magic', or 'nature'), or 'routes' (such as animals in art, or art inspired by forests).

Papua New Guinea Photoset.

'PNG...the Mount Hagen festival is an event to see once in a lifetime...Thousands of tribesmen coming from all over the country, dancing, singing,pride of themselves, and they can be!.... '

Strange Maps.

Germany Surrounded by Switzerland.

The Surrealist Map of the World.

A Map of Temperance.

Unnamed Methane Sea on Titan.

Megaliths of the World.

Stone circles, standing stones etc. - a global survey.

Kawanabe Kyosai - Children's Games.

Eccentric Japanese artist. 'Most of the images in the Manga draw upon Japanese mythology and folklore. Others seem to represent the pastimes and foibles of villagers and peasants. Sometimes all these elements are combined. In total, the Manga contained fifty prints, all emphasizing strange, sinister or humorous aspects of life. Viewing these truly remarkable works, one can't help but compare Kyosai to another great master of the print, Francisco Goya. From different times and different cultures, both these geniuses had the distinct ability to present to us the great procession of life.'

Ontario Rural Ruins.

'Derelict, abandoned, ruined buildings, places or things in rural Ontario. Old farm houses, abandoned commercial buildings, ghost signs, old signposts, whatever you stumble upon as you travel around Ontario. '

State Fair.

Photographs. "It was that oddly American juxtaposition of the heartfelt and the huckstering, the totally weird and the comfortably familiar, the love of country and the love of self, the individualism and the mass marketing that made the extravaganza of the state fair compelling to me."


'Windows are the eyes of a house. And the entrance shows the soul of the owner.'

Images of a Journey: India in Diaspora.

Vive La Difference: The English and French Stereotype in Satirical Prints, 1720-1815.

'The prints say a lot about the preconceptions and humour of the audience for whom they were intended. The persistence of 'types' in both countries indicates their popularity, and this ongoing popularity no doubt perpetuated the element of ignorance. Even if the audience knew a stereotype was exaggerated, they wanted to be entertained, and the act of making the foreigner ridiculous was clearly a popular source of amusement. The subject matter was also well-liked by print-publishers because it had broad appeal and it did not quickly date, unlike the topical political prints. It was a subject that could be depended upon to draw crowds by playwrights and caricaturists alike. '

Laos Photoset.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'What is your favourite blog?'

'What fascinatingly cool mathematical topics do you wish you knew about in high school?'

'How much am I missing out on by not having much of a social life?'

'What's the most economical way to make your house/apartment smell good?'

'What little things do great friends do that sets them apart from others? '

'How to speak with someone who stutters'.

'I spent most of January and half of February at the South Pole working on the SPT camera...'

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