Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The CURTA Calculator.

A calculator from Germany, 1948.

United States 1970-1975.

'In the early 1970s, when Jacob Holdt first arrived in the US with 40 dollars in his pocket, he planned to travel quickly across the country to South America. But, totally shocked and fascinated by what he discovered, he ended up staying five years. His family could scarcely believe the letters he sent them detailing the poverty he saw, so his father sent him a cheap amateur camera in order that Holdt could send home proof of his claims. '

Monkey King.

Comic version.

' "Monkey King",or known to the Chinese as "Journey to West",written by Wu Ch'eng-en(1500?-1582),a scholar-official, is one of the renowned classical Chinese novels about an allegorical rendition of the journey, mingled with Chinese fables, fairy tables, legends,superstitions, popuar beliefs, monster stories as well as whatever the author could find in the Taoist and Buddhist religions...'

Future Buildings in Dubai.

Industrial Ruins in Romania.

Brick City.

Photographs of St. Louis, Missouri.

Photographs of the Pamir Mountain District, Tajikistan.

Music for the Masses.

'Books containing music for Christian church ceremonies are among the largest and most beautiful manuscripts that have survived from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. This exhibition explores the splendid decoration of these manuscripts and the significance of music in medieval religious life.'

Chambers's Book of Days.

'A Miscellany of Popular Antiquities in connection with the Calendar
an electronic reprint of the original:
Chambers's Book of Days. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1879.'

Tibetan Geomancy Texts.

1895 US Atlas.

Solar Biology (1887).

A very strange astrology book with a great title.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'No Limit Honeymoon. My new wife and I would like to go on a 2 - 2 1/2 week honeymoon. We will go anywhere in the world and want somewhere outside of the States or Europe...'

'What instrument should I learn?'

'Why aren't turtles dinosaurs?'

'What are your favorite things to put on pasta (besides tomato sauce)?'

'I've been living on my own for about five years now, but I still cannot for the life of me understand grocery shopping.'

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