Monday, 24 March 2008

St. Louis City Hospital: A History.

'Think of this website as a very small part of the possible ways to document the graceful buildings of the City Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Everything here is just a selection -- literally, because I have so many items that cannot be adequately displayed online -- of some things one might find useful in considering the lives and deaths of the buildings. '

The History of Rotherham's Hospitals.

Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture.

The Vatican Museum's manuscripts.

Byzantine Medieval Hypertexts.

'Yes, the idea of hypertexts from the Middle Ages sounds absurd. We think of the Middle Ages as a time of rampant illiteracy and premature death. We remember stories of monks meticulously scribing away in Latin to preserve the heritage of Western civilization against the onslaught of the barbarian hoards, but we tend to forget that the Renaissance was conceived and transmitted to the West through Byzantine monks meticulously scribing away in Greek and Slavic scripts under far greater pressure from the Eastern invasion...'

Shattered 9/12/2001.

'a remarkable collection of photographs by award-winning photojournalist James Nachtwey' - photographs of the WTC attack aftermath.

University of Wisconsin-Madison: William J. Meuer Photoart Collection.

'The William J. Meuer Photoart Collection is an outstanding visual history of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and its surrounding community. The collection was compiled by renowned local photographer William J. Meuer who with his brother, Roman, opened the Meuer Photoart House on State Street in 1916. Dating from 1888 to 1935, 25 large bound albums contain nearly 27,000 individual prints...'

Vending Machines of Japan.

Guide to Japanese Temples.

Terra: Brazil's Landless Movement.

"I came to Brazil to photograph a story about the peasants fighting not to come to the cities, because this for me is one of the last resistance movements in the world."
- SebastiĆ£o Salgado.

The Buzz about Bhutan.

'Long hidden at the very rooftop of the world, the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan banked both upon its remote location and a policy of isolation to protect its culture. But now, for better or worse, Bhutan is opening up and welcoming the world.'

Mexican Masks.

Dance masks from Mexico and Guatemala.

Astro Pics.

Saturn and Titan.

Cat's Eye Hubble Remix.

Sunset: Planet Earth.

Science Fiction Book Covers.

A 1000 Day World Trip.


Worthington Memory.

Online scrapbook of Worthington, Ohio.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'What books have transported you to another place, and occupied your thoughts for days whilst you read them? '

'What exact characteristic(s) make someone appear polished and sophisticated?'

'How do you say "Damn kids, get off my lawn!" in Latin?'

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