Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Medieval Church Carvings.


Cartoon noises from old comics.

Paris in the 1950s.

Sewn Artifacts Based on Children's Drawings.

'We create sewn art and artifacts based on the drawings of our two children using only thrifted and recycled materials. We also make custom pieces with a child's drawing provided or requested by you. '

Vanity Fair: 19th Century British Caricatures.

'From stern judges to fashionable ladies, a wide variety of subjects graced the pages of Vanity Fair . Among the dapper sportsmen and English businessmen are also royal and ambassadorial figures from India , Africa , and China . To sit for one of these portraits was considered an honor, though often the likenesses were less than flattering. Carlo Pellegrini (alias "Ape") was the artist most closely associated with the magazine from its inception. Leslie Ward ("Spy") became known for his methodical renderings of Britain 's most famous people later in the 1870s. But perhaps the most recognizable images from Vanity Fair were the playful portraits drawn by Max Beerbohm ("Ruth") in the early years of the twentieth century. These cartoon-like drawings illustrated his skill at simultaneously capturing the physical presence and personality of each subject.'

The Glowing Gates of Tokyo.

'What a glowing sight - the Kabukicho First Street arcade is so made for the true game lover who is about to enter Shinjuku’s entertainment quarters! Since each of the hundreds and hundreds of Tokyo’s neighbourhoods has its own commercial area with long illuminating signs, animated LED screens, and hectically blinking ticker boards, they are not easy to miss; they glow! Still, each proudly adorns their entrances with a beautiful arch, announcing the merchant thoroughfare you are about to visit. Today PingMag takes a cheerful trip down Tokyo’s Chuo train line to spot of few of these unique gateways that give these villages their distinct atmo.'

Walking from Penn Station to Astoria.

'Is walking the best way for your webmaster to get around in NYC? I think so. When in a car or bus, whatever interests me goes by in a hurry; all I can do is make a mental note or jot it down on scrap paper. On a bike, I tend to concentrate so much on not getting hit by traffic I tend to not notice things as much. '

NYC Cobblestones.

'New York City still retains many of its bricked and cobblestoned streets, many of which date back to early in the twentieth Century, when horses and carriages ruled the streets instead of automobiles.'

'On this page, we'll show you a few stone artifacts.'

Vintage Cycling Jersey Collection.

Street Vendors of India.

'An exhibition of Indian merchants and their merchandise'

Amedeo Modigliani.

'Was an Italian artist, practicing both painting and sculpture, who pursued his career for the most part in France. Modigliani was born in Livorno (1884 – 1920) '

Georges Seurat.

'French painter and the founder of Neo-impressionism. His large work Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, altered the direction of modern art by initiating Neo-impressionism.. (1859 – 1891) '

Philadelphia City Photo Archive.

Historic and vintage photographs.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'What's with my weird compulsion?'

'How did having a baby change your life?'

'I'm looking for unabashedly happy, feel good music. '

'Recommend some books/collections of short stories or even poetry I would like if I am looking for some disturbing reads. '

'I've long been intrigued by the world of comics, but the recent trailer for the Watchmen has finally pushed me over the edge. Where do I start?'

Astro Pics.

Shadow of a Martian Robot.

Inside the Coma Cluster of Galaxies.

Ancient Craters of Southern Rhea.

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