Friday, 4 July 2008

The Toba Catastrophe Theory.

Did the human race nearly die out 70,000 years ago?

Mimic: A Ghost Story.


Fluevog Shoes on Flickr.

Henri Cartier-Bresson's Scrapbook.

'these photographs documented both his extensive travels and his encounters with Surrealism and modern art. They were conceived as an initial selection for a major exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a show that would catapult Cartier-Bresson onto the world stage and bring him international recognition. All the original photographs have now been brought together for a new exhibition, showing for the first time in the UK.'

WW1 Christmas Truce, 1914.

Pictures of 100 Poems by 100 Poets, Explained by a Wet Nurse.

Japanese prints by Hokusai. 'The very short poems (tanka) were mostly written by noble members (Emperors, princesses) and high functionaries at the Imperial courts between 800 and 1200 AC. 20 poems were written by women. '

Slezer's Scotland: Engraved Views from the 17th Century.

'In 1693 the first ever pictorial survey of Scotland was published by military engineer John Slezer.'

'Theatrum Scotiae is his volume of detailed engravings that shows us what important Scottish towns and buildings looked like over 300 years ago.'

Querying the Hive Mind.

'I love mayonnaise. I just loooooooove mayonnaise. I love it on burgers, on sandwiches, and in deviled eggs. I love it in tuna salad, egg salad, and potato salad. I may have, on occasion, eaten it by itself, but I admit nothing. But what other dishes highlight the diversity and deliciousness of mayonnaise? What can I do to up my mayonnaise quotient? What are your favorite mayonnaise recipes? Is there such a thing as gourmet mayonnaise? Can I find high-class, fancy mayonnaise created by mayonnaise connoissiers? I want to expand my mayonnaise horizons!'

'Can someone tell me what I am doing in my brain to cause this sensation in my body? Am I a monk?'

'Where do I meet other geeky, smart women?'

'I have just found out I'm a big fan of post apocalyptic fiction books. Somehow I like the idea of an individual or small group of survivors almost alone in the world trying to find out what the hell happened to the planet and fighting for their survival. What are some good books and movies the hive mind can recommend? '

'Let's say you're putting together a mix of your favorite obscure 1990s pop/rock music. What are the top couple of tracks you'd be sure to include?'

Astro Pics.

Night Shinings.

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300.

Saturn's Rings from the Other Side.

Come Visit New Jersey: You'll Never Leave.

A prison map of the Garden State.

Old Peter's Russian Tales (1916).

'This is a book of Russian folklore retold for young people and the young at heart. The tales are a good sampling of Slavic märchen, and the luminous prose counterposes the sometimes dark narratives.'

Latte as Art.

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