Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Faces I Never Forget:
Portraits from People in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The Wordless Graphic Novels of Lynd Ward.

'Lynd Ward, the master wood engraver, produced a remarkable body of work. From 1929 to 1937 he produced six novels in wood engravings. No words detracted from his strong images. All plot and characters sprang from the curl of a wood shaving pulled away from the endgrain of a wood block. Even today, Ward's sense of humanity cuts as sharply as his graver's tool. The images are sensuous. The stark black and white lines are pure ink and paper, you feel that nothing is hidden. '

Dharavi, Mumbai.

' is a multimedia wiki website designed to gather information, images, and ideas on Dharavi in Mumbai. Dharavi is one of the largest informal settlement in the world.'

All Things Japan.

Artists' Responses to AIDS.

East African Photographs 1860-1920.

'Assembled by the British collector Humphrey Winterton over about 30 years, the collection depicts the breadth of African experience, documents African life, European life in Africa in all its manifestations and the African landscape, in particular as it changed over time. Included are photographs showing the building of East Africa’s railways, the growth of its urban centers and the development of European colonial administration. The photographs extensively document rural life as well as the travels and work of European colonial officials and private businessmen. '

Art of the Poster 1880-1918.

'This collection of over one hundred and sixty digital images of historic posters from this period was originally compiled to support the teaching of Design History and Graphic Design courses at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Many of the artists who designed posters during this period were already well known in other media, such as painting and architecture. Their creative success helped to bridge the gap between “high art” and popular visual culture, and to introduce even those who never visited museums or galleries to examples of innovative design. Today, these striking posters are highly regarded as being among the most distinctive examples of fin-de-siecle styles such as Art Nouveau and the Vienna Secession. '

Portraits of American Civil War Veterans.

'About 1915, Stevens Post members put together an album of photographic portraits collected from members over the previous 25 years or so. It was a large leather-bound book providing four portraits per page, but only the first 29 pages have pictures on them. 10 of the portraits were unidentified* and others only partially. At this point some portrait frames have a name attached, but the picture is missing. The 106 portraits remaining form a remarkable resource for Seattle history.'


Old and abandoned buildings.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'What are the best cupcakes you've ever ever had? How can I make them?'

'How do I kill the perfectionism, the precious and fearful impulses, and the self-doubt that keeps me from completing my creative writing projects.'

'What item do you use all the time and wonder how you ever lived with without it?'

'What can I buy on the internet for a dollar?'

'Looking for an engaging, well-written book that explains scientific thinking'

'Can I learn to be less forgetful and scatterbrained?'

'I've been feeling slow lately. How can I sharpen my mental powers?'

35 Beautiful Music Album Covers.

'Hamlet' as Facebook Status Updates.

Astro Pics.

Spiral Galaxies in Collision.

M104 Hubble Remix.

M86 in the Virgo Cluster.

Book of the Century: Buckminster Fuller's Tetrascroll.

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