Tuesday, 12 August 2008

LSD Blotter Art.

'The creation of blotter has become an underground art form leading to an array of creative and stunning designs. It is likely that a few of the blotter designs shown have never been dipped and were created purely as art.'

19th Century Japanese Ghost Scrolls.


Coober Pedy, the Underground Town.

Outback miners live in caves. No planning permission required.

Follow the Sun: Australian Travel Posters 1930s-1950s.

Power and Taboo: Sacred Objects from the Pacific.

'This tour contains a selection of objects from the British Museum's unparalleled collection of art and artefacts from the eastern Pacific. Most of them were collected between 1760 and 1860 by the earliest European missionaries and explorers and therefore come from a time before the influence of European settlers had been exerted upon the islands.'

Louis L. McAllister's Photographs of Omaha, Nebraska.

Old photos. 'The L.L. McAllister Collection includes portraits, construction projects, buildings, businesses and events in the Burlington area covering the period ca. 1920-1960.'

Plate Books from the Russian Empire, Early Soviet Russia, and Eastern Europe, 1730-1935.

'Thousands of images, reproducing, often in their entirety, important illustrated books published in Russia and adjacent areas. Most notably, includes the several series issued by 19th-century collector and scholar, Dimitrii Aleksandrovich Rovinskii.'

Indonesian Dance and Related Arts.

'Thousands of photographs of Indonesian costumes, theatrical performances, and dance movements taken by scholar Claire Holt and others, collected by her in travels through the region in the 1930s and later. '

Street Art (Graffiti) in Athens.

The Georgian Alphabet.

Is quite unique.

500 Years of Italian Dance.

'500 Years of Italian Dance: Treasures from the Cia Fornaroli Collection pays tribute both to the rich history of Italian dance and to the remarkable Cia Fornaroli Collection, a jewel of the Library's Jerome Robbins Dance Division. Assembled by Walter Toscanini, son of the famed Italian conductor, and his wife the La Scala ballerina Cia Fornaroli, the collection documents the full sweep of Italian dance history from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century. '

Querying the Hive Mind.

'I want to quit the corporate world, grow a head full of dreadlocks, make a living selling handmade beads, and just kind of...hang out, y'know? How do I do that?'

'Has anyone got any good vegetarian recipes for winter?'

'Help me find beautiful posters with science, math or music as the subject.'

'Why do we recycle paper?'

'What are some innovations that come across as obvious solutions for problems? '

Astro Pics.

A Persistent Electrical Storm on Saturn.

A Total Solar Eclipse Over China.

Arp 272.

Hieronymus Bosch.

'Hieronymus Bosch, Early Netherlandish painter, many of his works depict sin and human moral failings, half-human animals and machines to evoke fear and confusion to portray the evil of man (1450 – 1516) '.

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