Thursday, 18 September 2008

Built St. Louis.

'A site dedicated to the historic architecture of St. Louis, Missouri -- mourning the losses, celebrating the survivors.'

Childhood Box of Curiosities.

'Recently my parents brought me something from my early years which I hadn’t seen in a long while — a metal handled box with the Berenstain Bears printed on top. The box itself is pretty unassuming, but what was collected inside the box was part of something that occupied a good chunk of my leisure time in the ’80s...'

The Face (1980-2004).

Cover gallery. 'The magazine, often referred to as the "80s fashion bible", was influential in championing a number of fashion music and style trends, whilst keeping a finger on the pulse of youth culture for over two decades; its best selling period was in the mid-1990s under editor Richard Benson.'

Looking through a Window in Africa.

'Caroline Vallieres's composite of happy children, in northern Uganda, peeping out of a hut kicks off a series of shots themed Through a Window, sent in by BBC News website readers in Africa.'

The Future of Nepal's 'Living Goddess'.

'Many sensational articles have recently appeared in the Western media, some with titles such as “Kumari in Peril,” “Kumari Sacked from Her Throne,” “Nepal’s Living Goddess Retires,” and “Nepal’s Living Goddess May Die Soon.” The last title may prove to be prophetic because Kumari, as a tradition, is about to become extinct, if elements of Nepal’s new government and some Western human rights groups have their way. '

Ooishi Hyoroku Monogatari Picture Scroll.

'The Ooishi Hyoroku Monogatari, a largely fictional story featured in picture scrolls in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, tells of a young warrior and his encounters with trickster foxes posing as yokai. According to the National Museum of Japanese History, the story takes place in 1624 in Kagoshima, where a group of notorious young warriors have assembled. When a rumor circulates about shape-shifting foxes that have hoodwinked some people in the area and shaved their heads, the men decide to test the courage of one of the young warriors, Ooishi Hyoroku, by sending him on a mission to capture the mischievous creatures.'

Dime Novel Covers.

Pulp fiction art.

Veridicus Christianus.

'Veridicus Christianus was the first Jesuit emblem-book. It was published in 1601 by Jan Moretus at the famous Plantin workshop in Antwerp. It had evolved from a catechism consisting of a hundred questions and answers written by Father Jan David, rector of the Jesuit Colleges at Courtrai and Ghent. An unillustrated version of the text, in Dutch, had previously been printed in Brussels, in 1597. David had the idea of accompanying these with a hundred engravings, a commission assigned to the studio of Phillips Galle, and probably executed by Philips’ son Theodoor.'

Fashion Plate Collection.

'Many of these plates are from some of the leading French, British, American, and other continental fashion journals of the 19th century and early 20th century: Belle assemblée; Le bon ton; Le Follet, courrier des salons; Journal des dames and des modes; Godey's lady's book and magazine, and others. They are primarily hand-colored engravings although some of the plates after 1885 are colored lithographs.'

Astro Pics.

Two Giant Galaxy Clusters Collide.

The Colliding Spiral Galaxies of Arp 271.

Searching for Meteorites in Antarctica.

The Marvel and Measure of Peru.

'When Francisco Pizarro and his fellow Spanish conquistadors first encountered Peru in 1524, they were shocked by the wholly unfamiliar world. The people, flora, fauna, topography, and cities begged for description and communication back to Europe. This exhibition explores the ways that artists depicted Peru and the new visual categories for classifying information they developed.'

Impossible Objects.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'What's a trade I can learn now, as a hobby, that will be useful if/when the economy collapses?'

'What's your secret tip for saving money at the grocery store?'

'Nabokov's Lolita was once hailed as "a love letter to the English language." I'm looking for modern and contemporary authors with similar aspirations.'

'Help a clueless student eat on a $100/month budget.'

'What are your favourite pieces of creative nonfiction?'

Seattle's Hooverville.

'Seattle's Hooverville, named for the Depression era president, was established in 1931 by unemployed men of varied ethnic backgrounds. The settlement consisted primarily of unskilled laborers who had worked previously in a number of industries, including logging, fishing and construction...'

To Love the Beautiful: The Story of Texas State Parks.

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