Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit.

'Now, as for centuries, tourists behold those ruins with awe and wonder. Yet today, a vast and history laden ruin site passes unnoticed, even despised, into oblivion.'

'Come, travel with me, as I guide you on a tour through the fabulous and vanishing ruins of my beloved Detroit.'

Transitions and Seeking Refuge.

'A fascinating story of the first known, Western transsexual, Tibetan Buddhist novice monk: Laurence Michael Dillon (born Laura Maude Dillon, May 1, 1915 - May 15, 1962) was a British physician and the first female-to-male transsexual to undergo phalloplasty. His brother, Sir Robert Dillon, was the eighth Baronet of Lismullen in Ireland. The editor of Debrett's told Time Magazine that Dillon was unquestionably next in line for the baronetcy: The unwanted press attention led Dillon to flee to India, and then to a Tibetan monastery.'

Nigel Molesworth: The Roleplaying Game.

'the roll-playing game of british educashun.'

Background here :

In similar vein, there's Watership Down: The Roleplaying Game -

Texts from 1980s BBSes

'A wonderful thing happened in the 1980s: Life started to go online. And as the world continues this trend, everyone finding themselves drawn online should know what happened before, to see where it all really started to come together and to know what went on, before it's forgotten. '

Here's an interesting collection of ASCII art -


Record of an Aboriginal language.

'This page leads to some data for Nhirrpi, an Australian language once spoken in the Stony Country of the North-Eastern corner of South Australia. The language is also called Palpamadramadra and it is very close to Yandruwandha. The data were recorded by the late Professor Stephen Wurm in 1958 from Mrs Alice Miller.'

Obama Supporter Buttons.

On a whole range of themes - 'beards for Obama' etc.


The sketchbook of designer Wil Freeborn.

Kim Jong Il Jokes by Chinese Bloggers.

Soviet Writers, American Images: Ilf and Petrov Tour the United States 1935-36.

'Ilf and Petrov began their careers in journalism with short pieces written for humor magazines. In the early 1930s, after the success of their two satirical novels, they were invited to write for more prestigious publications like "Pravda" and "Ogonek." Occasionally they were sent abroad to report on events of interest to the Soviet public; the most significant of these trips was their American tour, undertaken in the winter of 1935-35 as correspondents for "Pravda."...'

Dafne and Ofelia.

A labour of love, with Blythe dolls.

Mundane Details of Everyday Life.

Log Cabins in America: The Finnish Experience.

Log cabins built by Finnish settlers in the American West.

'Log cabins are as American as Fourth of July fireworks, baseball, and the bald eagle. Think of a pioneer and chances are you think of a log cabin: could Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett have lived in any other kind of house? Can you imagine the 1840 election--"Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too!"--without remembering the log-cabin-and-cider campaign? Would we be so impressed with Abe Lincoln if he had learned his letters under a crystal chandelier in a brick, Georgian-style house? Is it conceivable that Laura Ingalls Wilder's little house on the prairie was anything but a snug log structure? Assuredly, log cabins are enmeshed in American history, folklore, and myth. '

Querying the Hive Mind.

'One of my sisters suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. And that sentence is true -- she does suffer from it. And so did each and every one of us siblings, and my parents, and anyone else whose life touched hers.'
A personal look at understanding paranoid schizophrenia.

'How did you find your passion?'

Personal account of Hurrican Gustav, Louisiana.

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