Wednesday, 7 January 2009

'The Recently Deflowered Girl', by Edward Gorey.

Slugs mating on YouTube.

Both alien and moving.

Images from the Cassini Probe.

The Lure of the Open Road, 1944.

'In 1944, a dear friend, Doris Roy, and I undertook an adventurous journey that we dreamed of during countless hikes together over our college holidays. We had been Camp Fire Girls together, loving the out-of-doors, camping and hiking the open road. Our dreams finally developed into a plan to ride bicycles from our home in Buffalo, New York, to Cairo, Illinois, where the Ohio River met the Mississippi. We admired Mark Twain’s adventures, had read his Life on the Mississippi, and sought to follow his path to the Midwest. '

Images of Frozen Soap Bubbles.

Sweded Films.

Homebrew remakes of famous films, inspired by Be Kind Rewind :

The Internet Pinball Machine Database.

'The Internet Pinball Machine Database — also known as the IPD or IPDB — is a comprehensive, searchable listing of virtually every pinball machine ever commercially made. '

Japanese Custom Scooters.

'These photographs of Japanese custom scooters come from bike shop galleries, auction sites, and Flickr. '

Le Livre d'Heures d'Isabeau de Roubaix.

'In the late 1480s, Isabeau founded the Hospital of Saint Elizabeth for the Black Sisters of the Order of St Augustine (it was part-hospital, part-convent). The illuminated manuscript seen above (as well as at least one other decorated manuscript) was bequeathed to the Order when Isabeau died (sometime between 1494 and 1502).'

The Jewel Book.

'Puppies and members of the royal court look on as the serious Duchess Anna and Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria face each other across a chessboard. We can only speculate as to why such a modest scene was chosen as a prelude to an album recording, in stark contrast, the ostentatious display of wealth from their marriage and position in society.'

Chittagong, Bangladesh.

'Along the southeast coast of Bangladesh are the ship breaking installations, where immense ocean freighters and tankers are torn apart by hundreds of gritty, lean, strong, bronze-skinned, men--by manual labor...'

Lovely fighting Japanese girl and more and more.

Morris dancing.

Courtroom Sketches of the Black Panther Trial, 1970.

Old Photographs of Sydney Harbour.

Walking the Berkshires.

'"Sharp, quirky, and occasionally nettlesome", Walking the Berkshires is my personal blog, an eclectic weaving of human narrative, natural history, and conservation science with the Berkshire and Litchfield Hills as both its backdrop and point of departure. I am interested in how land and people, past and present manifest in the broader landscape and social fabric of our communities. The opinions I express here are mine alone. '

The Gwolphs of Saturn.

'This 1946 advertisement for Casco was illustrated by the Russian-born surrealist Boris Artzybasheff. I'm not completely sure what Casco was/is, but they promise "new and unusual contributions to better living", and they certainly knew how to commission an eye-catching advert. '

Early Maps on the Web.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'Can you recommend any good books on writing poetry?'

' "Mudita is a Buddhist (Pali and Sanskrit) word meaning rejoicing in others' joy." '
The opposite of 'schadenfreude', another excellent word.

'Women with hairy nipples: how do you deal? Men who've seen 'em: how did you feel?'

'What's the most unique feature you've ever seen in a bar or pub?'

'How do you eat healthy during the winter? '

'What sort of things do you do to make individual days worth remembering?'

'Large pores on my face are getting me down. '

'Help me identify progressive, funky towns and small cities in this Good Ol' U S of A.'

'What were the movies that made you go WOW?'

'What are some of the loudest, heaviest, most rocking and head-banging classical pieces out there?'

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