Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Space Colony Art from the 1970s.

Vintage Board Games.

Catholic Children's Books from the 1950s.

Dust Storm in Australia.

The Ting Tings - 'We Walk'.


Vintage Sewing Patterns.

Fading Ads in Journal Square, Jersey City.

Yao Paintings from Vietnam.

Books at an Indian Street Market.

Edo Period Monster Paintings by Sawaki Suushi.

'In the sophisticated popular culture of the Edo period (1603-1868), much attention was devoted to Japan’s rich pantheon of traditional monsters and apparitions, known as yokai. Sometimes frightening, sometimes humorous, these compelling Japanese folk creatures were the subject of numerous artistic and literary works. One such work was Hyakkai Zukkan, a collection of picture scrolls completed in 1737 by Sawaki Suushi, a relatively unknown artist who studied under master painter Hanabusa Itcho (1702-1772). Hyakkai Zukkan’s colorful depictions of Japan’s most notorious creatures inspired (and were copied by) yokai artists for generations. Here is a peek inside. '

Monograph of Spiders.

'Carl Wilhelm Hahn (1786-1835) was a German zoologist and artist. Following a short stint in the armed services, Hahn completed a PhD and took the unusual step of setting himself up as 'freelance natural historian'...'

Elleore, A Kingdom 12 Minutes Ahead of Copenhagen.

'Out of a total of 443 Danish islands, only 76 are permanently inhabited. Elleore occupies a special place among them: unpeopled for most of the year, and not part of Denmark when it is – that is, if you’re partial to the semi-jocular sovereignty claims of micronations...'

All That Jazz.

'This set depicts vintage images of a variety of people in the jazz industry. '

Doo Wop Gold.

'Dedicated to various artists in the Doo Wop and early Rock n Roll era.'

20 Ways the World Could End.

Astro Pics.

Restored: First Image of the Earth from the Moon.

The First Rocket Launch from Cape Canaveral.

Beautiful Spiral NGC 7331.

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