Saturday, 1 November 2008

Did you hear about the fellow whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.

Moscow Metro Stations.

Great photos.

Faberge Eggs.

'Imperial Eggs are those Eggs presented by Tsar Alexander III and Tsar Nicholas II to the Tsarina's Alexandra Fyodorovna and Maria Fyodorovna. Click here to see the categories explaned.'

Ghosts, Apparitions, Angels, Spiritual Visitations and Views of the Future.

Early spirit photography.
'The relationship between photography and the spirit world of ghosts, apparitions and angels during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was a blending of popular belief and scientific fraud. The lack of sophistication in the public in an age of deeply held religious values and the generally accepted belief that the camera recorded truth allowed the unscrupulous to exploit the situation for financial gain. '

Real Photo Postcards: African Americans.

'No other photographic format illustrates America during the period between 1905 and 1925, better than the photo postcard. The multitude of subjects found in any other photographic format can also be found on a photo postcard, with the photo postcard selected as the format of choice of many small town professional photographers and amateurs. Whether illustrating state fairs, store openings, railroads coming to town, sporting events, or just portraits of ordinary people, the postcard photographer was there to take the picture. '

Contemporary Greek Photography: Nocturne.

Barnaby Hall: The Art of the Book Cover.

Jack the Ripper and the East End.

Old photos of the East End c. 1900.

50 Stunning Asian Movie Posters.

My Favourite Letters.

'Format: "the letter [your favourite letter] from [name of typeface]."
(symbols and punctuation OK too). Even a short on-theme video is OK.'

The Electronic Museum of Mail Art.

I.e. art that uses the postal system as a medium, with arted up stamps, envelopes, etc.

"America's National Game:" The Albert G. Spalding Collection of Early Baseball Photographs.

'Over 500 photographs, prints, drawings, caricatures, and printed illustrations from the personal collection of materials related to baseball and other sports gathered by the early baseball player and sporting-goods tycoon A. G. Spalding. This collection includes 19th-century studio portraits of players and teams of the day, rare images, photographs, and original drawings. '

Philadelphia Craigslist Haiku.

Querying the Hive Mind.

'Help me re-develop personal discipline without tearing myself to pieces.'

'What are the best documentaries you've seen that left you much more informed about basic history and human knowledge?'

'Can you suggest some dark, foreboding, scary classical music? '

'I'd like to watch some more anime that isn't about people who are awesome at fighting fighting other people who are awesome at fighting and is generally suspenseful and tightly serialized.'

Modern American Poetry: Anne Sexton.

Dying Speeches and Bloody Murders: Crime Broadsides.

'Just as programs are sold at sporting events today, broadsides -- styled at the time as "Last Dying Speeches" or "Bloody Murders" -- were sold to the audiences that gathered to witness public executions in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain. These ephemeral publications were intended for the middle or lower classes, and most sold for a penny or less. Published in British towns and cities by printers who specialized in this type of street literature, a typical example features an illustration (usually of the criminal, the crime scene, or the execution); an account of the crime and (sometimes) the trial; and the purported confession of the criminal, often cautioning the reader in doggerel verse to avoid the fate awaiting the perpetrator. '

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