Saturday, 15 November 2008

My Hood!

The Christopher Columbus Drive Mural, Jersey City.

Forgotten Hoboken.

‘Your webmaster knows full well he will be ridiculed, pilloried and threatened with everything from lawsuits to bodily harm for including Hoboken on a Forgotten NY site. To quote George W, bring it on. New Jersey, the Sixth Borough, has a large and mostly unspoken Forgotten history…’

The Jersey City Powerhouse.

‘...but a reminder of the early days of railroading across the Hudson still stands in Jersey City, at 1st and Warren Streets: the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse. Designed by architect John Oakman and completed in 1908 the massive (200,000 square ft.) structure's brick walls are 28 inches thick and its 1300-sq. ft. windows are the largest on the East Coast. ‘

More Jersey City Photos.

In particular, the memorial to Polish victims of Stalin’s persecutions, the Loew’s theater in Journal Square, the Big Bird and Oscar 'canstrucions', the Jackie Robinson statue.

Abandoned Buildings in Greenville Yard, Jersey City, 1989.

(The Greenville section clearly has maritime connections, with streets named Ocean Avenue and Neptune Avenue).

Obama Victory Cartoon.

One Night Only, Dorla and Kevin's Wedding, the Loew's Theater, Jersey City...

... opened 1929 ...

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