Monday, 24 November 2008

Woodland Junior School's Online Advent Calendar.

Monkey versus Robot.

The struggle between ape and automaton.

More :

Porn for New Moms.

'This is a great gift for baby showers, a mother to be, or any new Mom. '

Elf and Dwarf and Girl.

YouTube fun.

Moon, Venus, Jupiter Together.

Japanese Death Poetry.

Poetry written by Zen monks and haiku masters, on the verge of death.

One evening Rene Descartes went to relax at a local tavern. The tender approached and said, "Ah, good evening Monsieur Descartes. Shall I serve you the usual drink?" Descartes replied, "I think not," and promptly vanished.

Reports that Iranian-Canadian blogger Hossein Derakhshan has been arrested and could face the death penalty.

'Where's Hoder? If the Iranian government has detained him, they should say so. If he is free, he should say so.'

More on Hoder.

Free Hoder Facebook group.

On the positive role blogging has played in Iran.

Melting Arctic ice cap could open new shipping lanes?

'Scientists are now revising earlier projections about the speed at which global warming will impact the arctic ice sheet. By 2013 it could very well disappear in the summer months, opening up new sea lanes for commerce and, potentially, "a quarter of the earths oil and natural gas resources". Several arctic countries are thinking ahead, while it appears others have been for quite some time. '

Towards a multipolar world?

'Among its predictions: the US will remain the most powerful country but will be less dominant; power will shift from West to East; the appeal of al-Qaeda will lessen; a multipolar world will emerge with China, India and others playing greater roles; an "arc of instability" will stretch round the world among countries with young populations.'
(Though if the Arctic ice sheet melts to open shipping lanes during summer per the links above, that potentially affects the strategic value of places like Singapore as well... Is Murmansk the new Singapore?? Let's see...).

Towards deflation?

'Tangible evidence of deflation? The prices of commodities, houses and a wide range of consumer goods have collapsed, with observers predicting continued declines. While many point back to The Great Depression as an example of damaging deflation, the recession of 1920-1921, a frequently overlooked period in economic history, is perhaps the best example we've got of a deflationary wave similar to what might now taking place. '

The Swiss are angry about subprime.

' ... "Here, just in case you go hungry, I've brought you something to eat," he continued. And reaching into his pocket he produced a string of traditional Swiss sausages and waved them under Mr Ospel's trembling nose...'

Cupcakes for Obama.
'Zilly Rosen of ZILLYCAKES in Buffalo, NY, builds a likeness of presidential candidate Barack Obama using 1240 cupcakes.'


Be a philanthropist.
'Kiva is the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. '

'The people you see on Kiva's site are real individuals in need of funding - not marketing material. When you browse entrepreneurs' profiles on the site, choose someone to lend to, and then make a loan, you are helping a real person make great strides towards economic independence and improve life for themselves, their family, and their community. Throughout the course of the loan (usually 6-12 months), you can receive email journal updates and track repayments. Then, when you get your loan money back, you can relend to someone else in need.'

Book suggestions for someone in prison?

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